Terms and conditions (Sale of subscription and special order)

  1. Mission
    The mission of Hellas-Sky is to bring astronomy and especially astrophotography closer to a broader public, locally as well as – using modern means of communication – globally. For our services we have chosen an exceptional location in Messinia on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece. This location offers extraordinary conditions for astrophotography, not only many nights with clear skies, but also the general absence of light pollution and a good and stable seeing.
    At this location at a level of 840m above sea level we have installed several telescopes and are developing an area for soft and sustainable astro-touristic purpose. Key element for our services is the collection of high-quality data of deep sky objects (DSO). Beside this we offer through partners excursions and via our website events to the local as well as touristic community in the region. And through modern communication channels we allow global participation in modern high-end astronomy for newcomers as well as for hobby astronomers.
    As we benefit from this environment, we feel the responsibility to do our utmost to preserve it. None of our services damages the local environment. During excursions we emphasise the importance to preserve the nature within the groups of visitors. Moreover, we respect local traditions and culture and are committed to support the local community wherever possible.

  2. Nature of service
    With its fleet of high-end telescopes Hellas-Sky collects in clear nights with good seeing conditions raw data of DSO in the form of FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) files. Such data is a prerequisite for astronomical photos of high quality. As a rule, we collect the data, and generate pre-processed master light frames by using respective Darks, BIAS and Flat files.
    We offer different models to our users to buy this service of data collection and pre-processing. The first and most economical way is to buy for a certain period the service of data collection for a pre-defined number of objects per month which are selected by us (subscription-based model). This approach follows a cost-sharing model, so the costs for data collection of one object will be shared by many customers and, thus, can be kept very low.
    Following requests of many potential customers we have added the possibility to purchase data of DSO from our shelf. Here, we give to the customer the possibility to select exactly the objects he would like to buy from an impressive and steadily growing list of DSO. We continuously enlarge the collection of objects the user can choose from.
    If a user desires data for a specific object, we offer the service to collect data of a user-defined object for a higher, but still competitive price. The customer here can choose most of the parameters for data collection like equipment, exposure time, etc. Certain discounts allow to lower prices by including certain factors in data collection (e.g. moon phase, seeing, non-exclusivity of data).
    In all three services we guarantee a defined level of data quality and, hence, take the risk of adverse weather and sky conditions on us.
    On top of this, Hellas-Sky will offer the possibility to rent equipment remotely when the user collects the data during a booked time slot against a rental fee. In case of non-clear skies, we offer a similar time slot or return the rental fee. A cloudless sky is proven by snap shots taken every 5 minutes by an All-Sky-Camera installed on site. During this service the customer uses the same high-end equipment we use for our data services. However, as we do not control by ourselves the process of data collection service we cannot commit to a quality level of data collection in this service.
    Together with local partners Hellas-Sky organizes from time-to-time excursions in small groups for the local community as well as touristic groups. This service will be offered by partners which interact as legal counterparty for the customer, organise transportation and payment procedures. Our part in this aspect is limited to the performance of the excursion on our ground including sky tours, the use of telescopes, gastronomy, etc.
    On special occasions we offer against and without reward dedicated events to gather interested hobby astronomers for a common observation of astronomical events. Here, the participants organize by themselves transportation to our site. Transportation and parking happen entirely at own risk of the visitor. If a visitor brings along his own equipment, the use of this equipment is entirely at the risk of the visitor. We do not assume any responsibility for any hazard affecting the equipment (weather, electricity, etc.). As most of the events take place during the evening and night hours and as we want to keep the light pollution as low as possible, we expect from our visiting customers a prudent behaviour reflecting the local conditions. Negligence of a visitor will exclude or limit any warranty of Hellas-Sky in case of injuries. Without being limited to the following aspects, negligence includes running on site, non-use of handrails, deviation from pathways, non-obedience to instructions from guides.
    We offer the service of online streaming of unique events against or without reward as well as masterclasses in astrophotography against reward.
    All details to the services offered including pricing and timing can be found on the respective section of our website. If a service has not been launched yet or if it is suspended you will find the respective information on the website, too.

  3. Payment of Service
    Hellas-Sky uses well known payment service providers for the execution of payment. Any purchase of our services will be realized via these providers using the most common ways of payment like credit or debit cards, bank transfers, direct debit, Apple pay, Google pay and others. When starting the payment service, you will be transferred to one of these providers for payment. All payment providers used by us claim on their website to apply up-to-date technologies including highest security standards. The payment service is ensured by the providers on their Terms and Conditions. Hellas-Sky does not participate in the payment process itself and stores no sensitive payment data. In no case Hellas-Sky shall be held responsible for failures of payment or misuse of data by payment service providers that cause damage to the user.

  4. Access to data purchased
    The access to data either purchased against monetary compensation or delivered for free as sample data is organized via our website. After the successful payment of a service the user receives access to the purchased data sets via a link to the e-mail address indicated at registration. This link will allow access to specific data files stored on an external cloud server. The service level of this storage satisfies all common needs for accessibility of data and speed of transfers. The link for data access is personal and shall not be transferred to other persons. The number of downloads might be limited in terms of number of downloads and period during which the downloads can be realized. For more specific information please refer to the details given during the purchase on our website. Downloaded data are personal, in no case downloaded raw data files shall be shared with other users without the explicit prior consent of Hellas-Sky. Please refer to details under the section “Use of data” of these Terms and Conditions.

  5. Use of data
    As a rule the consumption of the services of Hellas-Sky is restricted to the person that becomes a contractual partner to Hellas-Sky or its partners by purchasing services. All raw data provided through our data collection services, including free sample data available on our website, can be used to create astronomical photos only by the registered user accepting the service. Raw data means in this aspect the stacked master image of each colour channel without further processing. Without limitation, any forwarding of raw data, including amended raw data, constitutes an infringement of Hellas-Sky L.P commercial interests. In this case Hellas-Sky is entitled to search from the user sharing the data for compensation of damage in the form of lost income which will be measured by cost of each data set shared with the number of persons that received directly or indirectly access to the data by actions undertaken by that user. The cost of each data set will be determined by the maximum cost per data set available for purchase from shelf on the website.
    Processed photos shown on our website are the property of Hellas-Sky and cannot be used for publication by users without the prior explicit consent of Hellas-Sky.
    Images created by users based on the raw data bought under any service from Hellas-Sky or received as sample data are the intellectual property of the respective user and can be used it his entire discretion. We will, however, appreciate if the user mentions “Hellas-Sky” as source of data collection in case of publication.

  6. Jurisdiction of services
    Hellas-Sky provides services for the proliferation of astronomy and astrophotography in the local area as well as global. The legal person providing the services is Hellas-Sky L.P., a legal entity established in the Municipality of West Mani, Messinia, Greece. It is assumed that all services including data collection for astro photos, rental services, excursions, and events are performed in Greece.

  7. Use of personal data
    Hellas-Sky is aware of the growing importance for personal data protection especially in internet services. We have limited the collection of personal data to the minimum necessary for the correct and trustful performance of our services as well as own marketing activities. At the same time, we abstain from the collection and storage of sensitive information wherever possible.
    As payments are effectuated solely by external service providers Hellas-Sky does not collect or store sensitive data related to payment data. For the avoidance of doubt, Hellas-Sky does not take responsibility for any eventual loss or misuse of data caused by any payment service provider.
    The jurisdiction for the interpretation of personal data is Greece. Hellas-Sky applies the respective laws of Greece. Any disclosure of personal data to third parties will be done only with the explicit consent of users or in case the Greek law stipulates this disclosure. In this case the disclosure will be limited to the stipulation by Greek law.
    Hellas-Sky will send regular newsletters to those users that have not expressed their disagreement to receive regular newsletters. At any time, the user has the possibility to unsubscribe from newsletter.

  8. Acknowledgement of location
    Our home base is a traditional village which is part of Greek’s cultural heritage. We receive support from the quiet and clean environment, from the absence of light pollution. From our side we assume responsibility to limit our influence on the environment and our neighbourhood to the extent necessary for the rendering of our service. We expect from our customers, especially from our those visiting our site to behave respectfully, too. Our customers should follow the approach “No littering, no loud music, respect towards the local population and animals”.

  9. Legal responsibility
    We assume responsibility for the data collection and excursions and events in line with the service level quoted in the respective section of our website and these Terms and Conditions. We ensure that the collected raw data is available for download at the specified location on the internet at acceptable speed and availability. In case the service level cannot be met on one occasion Hellas-Sky ensures a replacement of the service by a one in line with the guaranteed service level of the specific service..
    Hellas-Sky shall not be held responsible for any problems during the rending of services that fall into the responsibility of the user, e.g. local internet problems, insufficient computer or IT configurations on the user’s side, infringement of licenses of the user, etc. In case of remote rental, the user cannot claim any quality issues caused by improper use of the equipment during the process of data collection.
    Hellas-Sky will not and in no case take responsibility for any public use of data by any user.